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The thirty-third Italy Carrara stone exhibition full decryption

The famous thirty-third Italy International Exhibition carraramarmotec at 21 pm local time ended. The exhibition lasted 4 days, an exhibition area of 20 thousand square meters, a total of 189 exhibitors; the international exhibitors 28, respectively, from 9 countries and regions, the exhibition for buyers and exhibitors arrange more than 3000 matchmaking.
Exhibition highlights. The first is the regression of well-known enterprises: Henraux and Campolonghi two hundred years of history of the famous stone enterprises as well as MarmiLame and Benetti Macchine respectively with two 50 years and 90 years of history of the technology and equipment of enterprises again exhibitors, marble and granite international company (MGI) also have a positive performance in this year’s exhibition will be on.
This year by President Chen Guoqing led a delegation to participate in the Chinese Stone Association Clara international exhibition.
Should warm invitation of the organizers, President Chen Guoqing led China Stone Association member Shandong Stone Association and Shandong stone business representatives to visit and do publicity carrara. In the international exhibitors, apart from the China Yunfu Pavilion, four enterprises as well as the first exhibition of Venezuela granite and a semi precious stone and jade business of Eastern Siberia, the Russian company BKS.
Specialized exhibition for the first time the use of APP software for the exhibitors and buyers for two-way docking schedule, exhibitors and buyers have also adopted advanced cloud technology.
Rich and colorful exhibition supporting activities is one of the highlights of the exhibition. Focus on technology upgrading and industry issues around innovation and training, architecture and design, business and sustainable supply chain in four areas. The first International Conference on sustainable development of stone held in 20 will focus on ecological sustainability, safety production, stone restoration, waste recycling and technological innovation and other aspects of academic exchanges. The main export market of Italy stone, the United States in 2014 launched the ANSI/NSC373 natural decorative stone standards, requiring natural stone production process to meet the sustainability requirements. The growing demand for sustainable products in Europe and the United States also means that stone companies will undertake more social and environmental responsibilities.

Brazil stone with 2016 Brazil C Shug E Lou international stone exhibition to promote new stone technology

Organized by the Brazil Milanez & Milaneze exhibition company in 2016 Brazil C Shug E Lou stone tools and technology exhibition in August 23rd at the C Shug E Lou International Convention and Exhibition Center (Parque de Exposi Carlos Caiado? O? Barbosa) grand opening, Brazil C Shug E Lou international exhibition is the most professional stone tools and South American technology exhibition, occupies an important position in the international exhibition industry, in order to provide a the best trading platform for International Stone operators and exhibitors to promote application of new stone processing technology and tools in Brazil and around the world.
The Brazil international stone and tools exhibition is held annually in two and August in Vitoria and C Shug E Lou respectively in February and. Exhibition projects include diamond tools, abrasives, abrasive stone processing, stone products, small tools, stone quality testing equipment, decorative stone, stone processing machinery and construction of cement stone mining, stone machinery, transportation and lifting equipment, the past ten years, Brazil stone operators by means of this exhibition, stone new technology promotion the new tool, expand the stone production and processing, increase the export of Brazil stone. International professional buyers to the exhibition are also increasing year by year, showing the international stone operators’ recognition of the Brazil C Shug E Lou international stone and processing technology exhibition.
The last Brazil C Shug E Lou stone tools and technology exhibition area of more than 30 thousand square meters exhibition, a total of more than 230 enterprises from more than 20 countries to participate in the scene, professional audience totaled more than 26000 people.

Materials required for export before stone export and materials required for customs declaration

Stone enterprises in foreign trade contract signing, need to provide some certificate to a smooth exit or entry of goods before shipment, and many enterprises are not familiar with these stone procedures, most directly to the proxy company. Although the search agent for more convenient, but the agency to export to the enterprise may not understand the stone enterprise itself, if the stone enterprises can own hands for these documents and the relevant provisions of the program, then signed the agreement with the customer can more clearly, so as not to produce trade disputes.
Here to share with you is related to the flow of customs clearance required materials and matters needing attention.
Declaration refers to the import and export goods, means of transport, goods for all inbound and outbound or their agents to the Customs for goods and articles or means of transport procedures and processes related to customs affairs including import and export declaration to the customs, submit the list according to the documents, and accept the supervision and check of the customs the.

Sixth 2017 China (Shanghai) International powder materials and processing equipment exhibition

2017 Sixth China (Shanghai) International powder materials and processing equipment exhibition and Development Forum (China Powder 2017) reloaded. The New International Expo Centre will be unveiled in Shanghai from 7 to 9 June 2017. China Powder 2017 is jointly sponsored by the International Federation of powder inspection and control, the China Building Materials Machinery Industry Association, and the China powder Association of Building Materials Association, which is hosted by China Fair Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., ltd.. Then from the international and domestic powder raw materials suppliers, suppliers and powder processing equipment manufacturers will gather in the cloud, to provide comprehensive services exhibition, docking, technical consulting and procurement of new products conference form for powder processing and application vendors and professional audience.
Powder, like gas and liquid, is an important industrial material (composed of solid particles at microscopic level). With the country’s industrial structure upgrading, powder processing technology (fine crushing, mixing and compounding, surface modification, spherical particles and flake, low temperature drying, powder characteristics and quantitative analysis of new technologies) plays an important role. It is powder exhibit unique properties and unbelievable phenomenon in the processing, processing, use, and powder processing technology and equipment, beyond the limits of the industry, has a wide range of potential demand in new materials, aerospace, electronic components, biological products, mineral processing, fine chemical, food and medicine agriculture, soil improvement, plastic coating, environmental protection etc..
China Powder 2017 and development forum, is a continuation of the work over the past years, the exhibition will be held in the same period of technical seminars, forums, such as high-end dialogue, technical cooperation and exchange platform for the industry, I hope through the exhibition and forum to jointly promote the powder industry development, promote the construction of the market development of powder industry and other vertical areas and ecological system.

The world’s largest gem mineral Fossils Exhibition opened successfully

Beijing January 29th, the annual United States largest gem fossil exhibition, in Tucson, Arizona, opened. The exhibition is on display for two weeks with more than 3000 exhibitors from around the world.
Tucson, 120 km from the border with Mexico, is the second largest city in arizona. In Tucson desert valley, mild climate dry and sunny, with “desert oasis”.
Tucson exhibition was founded in 1946, has been held for 61 sessions, is the world’s oldest, largest and most influential mineral jewelry exhibition from all over the world, tens of thousands of mineral gem dealers, paleontology enthusiasts, researchers, geologists, selling fine mineral samples, precious stones. Exhibits include unpolished gem stone, crystal, amber, turquoise, Sha Yan, mosaic, Onyx ore, azurite, Lan Yusui, fire opal, fire agate etc..
Each year the world gem, fossil experts, collectors, museums, gem mineral suppliers, dealers and researchers gathered in the exhibition procurement order, but also attracted enthusiasts all over the world and ordinary citizens, choose the most abundant affordable gem products, see. It is reported that the exhibition brings more than $110 million in revenue every year.
The United States jewelry industry sources said that for several years, the international financial crisis has obvious influence on Tucson mineral jewelry show, but now the Tucson has bottomed out, the popularity and sales have rebounded significantly, especially from emerging markets of North America and other Chinese buyers increased significantly, sales figure has a larger upgrade Sen. Gem materials suppliers and precious stone cutting merchants from mainland China have increased significantly, breaking the previous situation that China’s exhibitors are limited to mineral crystals and fossil specimens.
This year, Yunnan ornamental stone association president Fan Yuqing led Yunnan to participate in the exhibition pavilion. This time they not only bring Yunnan’s unique marble painting, sandstone stone, also brought Yunnan carving art. Fan Yuqing introduction, Yunnan is the fifth consecutive time to participate in the exhibition, the first time they show only $800 in sales, 2016 sales increased to about $15 thousand, although this is still a “living”, but the growth rate is considerable, but also through the exhibition, made a lot of friends, but also to Yunnan stone to promote the world stage.

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